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    People Are Buying Glitter Pills to Make Their Poop Sparkle

    In order to liven up the yuckiness that is poop, people have been buying capsules filled with glitter that are said to make your number 2 sparkle and shine. But do they work? Not so well, says some of the reviews. Well, she DID still give it 3 stars. If looking at sparkly poop is important to you, […] More

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    Woman Leaves 6-Year-Old To Guard Parking Space

    A Florida woman left her 6-year-old child to guard her parking space in her apartment complex, the Eastwind Apartments at 240 Sombrero Beach Road in Marathon, while she went shopping at Publix nearby. Elda Solis, 47, was charged with child neglect after police received reports of the incident. She admitted to leaving her child there […] More

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    Vancouver Island Man Banned From Playing Car Stereo In Public

    In fact, Hamilton is prohibited from driving his PT Cruiser at all in Central Saanich unless he’s taking his girlfriend to work and back. Since May, Central Saanich police have received about 17 noise complaints from residents of West Saanich Road between Keating Cross Road and Wallace Drive. “People are saying their pictures are rattling on the […] More

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    Man Arrested For Putting Soft Drink In Water Cup At McDonalds

    A man has been arrested for putting a fizzy drink inside a water cup at a drive-thru McDonald’s and refusing to return it. Cody Morris (above) and two friends went to the drive-in kiosk of the fast food restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas, where they ordered three large cups of water. Afterwards they parked their car, emptied out the water […] More

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    Egyptian Singer Gets 2 Years In Prison For Provocative Banana Video

    An Egyptian court has sentenced singer Shaimaa Ahmed, known as Shyma, to 2 years for a racy video, “I Have Issues,” that included lots of sexual innuendo featuring a banana. She was found guilty of inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film, as she was suggestively eating a banana in the video that was found […] More

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    Surprising Reasons Why You’re Tired All the Time

    We’re in the midst of an energy crisis. No, not that one. This one: We’re tired. So. Completely. Tired. You’re not sleeping enough. Making you feel tired. OK. So this one is kind of a gimme, but not for the reason you think. Sleep isn’t just about resting; there’s a lot going on inside while […] More

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    10 Amazing Celebrity Facts That Will Blow Your Brain

    Continuing to read this might also change how you view these celebrities. Did you know James Lipton was a pimp in France? After befriending a prostitute in Paris, he became a pimp, saying this about that year in his life: “I did a roaring business, and I was able to live for a year. The […] More

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    Costco Selling $1,000 Food Kits That Last 25 Years

    Costco is helping out both doomsday preppers and those just interested in stocking up in case of a disaster. The major wholesale retailer has rolled out three emergency kits – costing $1,000, $3,999.99 and $5,999.99. The cheapest option has a one-year supply of food and is made up of nearly 100 1-gallon cans of wheat, […] More

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